The Kingdoms Battle
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Town Relocation

Clan members can relocate to the enemy Kingdom with the help of a special item, the Great Relocation, which can only be used during the Kingdoms Battle.

You can purchase the Great Relocation and Return (this item is necessary if you want to return to your home Kingdom before the Competition ends) in the Item Store, the Bonuses section or directly in the location information window in the enemy Kingdom.

Every Jarl who is a Clan member can claim the Great Relocation and Return items for taking part in the Kingdoms Battle. They can be found by opening the Events window and then the Info tab in the global Competition.

After you relocate your Town to enemy territory using the Great Relocation item, the Town’s Echo will remain where your Town was in your home Kingdom. This is a special location that prevents other players from the enemy Kingdom and your home Kingdom from taking this spot. Your Town will return to this location after the Kingdoms Battle ends.

When you relocate to another Kingdom, you will be able to reposition your Town within it using the Relocation or Random Relocation items. Also, if the Peace Treaty, the Town Skin, and the Repute given to you by the Konung were active when you relocated, they will remain active in enemy territory.

Note that you can use the Novice's Relocation (if your Palace is below level 6) or the Drakkar (once the Palace has reached level 21) items to relocate to another Kingdom that will become your home.

Remember that if you change Kingdom, you will be no longer counted as a Competition participant. At that point, you will stop scoring points for your old Kingdom, nor will you earn them in your new one (even for personal achievements), and other Jarls will not score points for attacking your Town.

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