The Place of Power
Capturing and Holding the Place of Power
Bonuses and Reputes
Reports about battles for the Place of Power

Bonuses and Reputes

The Chief of the Clan that holds the Place of Power becomes the Konung.

As long as the Place of Power has either Open or Guarded status, every 24 hours it brings the Konung the following bonuses: 10% of the Silver of all Clan Chiefs in the Kingdom and 20,000 Prowess Points.

The Konung and Elders of the Clan holding the Place of Power have the ability to assign one of 25 Reputes to any Jarl in the Kingdom. These Reputes are valid for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours, after which they can be assigned to other Jarls.

Reputes can be positive or negative. Positive Reputes improve certain stats of a Jarl and negative Reputes reduce them.

It's important to remember:

  • Reputes cannot be canceled or reassigned.
  • Reputes expire early if another Clan captures the Place of Power.
  • You cannot assign one Repute to several Jarls at once.

You can view information on an assigned Repute in the Jarl's information window. The Repute is displayed as a special icon near the userpic.

Please note: the Konung and Clan Elders cannot assign the same Repute to several Jarls at once, or assign several Reputes to one Jarl.