Boost features
Hero’s Double
Moderate Economy and Great Economy
Greed and Great Greed
Prophet and Second Craftsman
Accelerated Training and Enlightenment
Peace Treaty
Infirmary Expander
Will to Live
Warrior Number in an Onslaught
Convoys and Convoys to the Stronghold
Warrior Training Limit
Troop enlargement in an Onslaught


Boosts are special items that allow you to temporarily upgrade certain stats. You can find all the necessary information about them in the Boosts window. For example, you can find out which bonuses are currently active and how long they will remain in effect.

A marker on the Boosts icon displays the number of boosts that you have. You can also see a counter that shows the time left until the active boost with the shortest duration expires.

There are five tabs in the Boosts window: Military, Resources, Development, Hero/Shaman, and Favorites. To get quick access to boosts, add them to Favorites by hitting the star button. In this tab, you can also see all active boosts.

Several boost categories are shown in each tab.

  • Military: Troop Defense, Enemy Troop Defense, Enemy Troop Health, Number of Warriors in a Troop, Marching Speed, Troop Offense, Enemy Troop Offense, Disguise, Peace Shield, Infirmary Expander, Revival of Warriors, Warrior Number in an Onslaught, and Number of Warriors in Training.
  • Resources: Lumber Production, Food Production, Iron Production, Stone Production, Silver Production, Resource Production, Troop Upkeep, Resource Yielding, Convoys to the Stronghold, and Convoy Capacity.
  • Development: Warrior Training Speed, Building Speed, Knowledge Upgrade Speed, Hire Second Craftsman, and Hire Prophet.
  • Hero/Shaman: Hero's Energy Restoration, Summon Double, Hero's Experience, Shaman's Experience, Hero's Offense, and Shaman's Offense.

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