Invaders and Uber Invaders
Invaders' features
Uber Invaders' features
Festive Uber Invaders

Invaders and Uber Invaders

Invaders are unique opponents that periodically appear on the Global Map. They have six levels. Only Heroes can attack Invaders. As a reward for attacking these enemies, you can receive resources, gems, as well as materials from which equipment is crafted. All Invaders are marked in red on the Global Map.

Uber Invaders are the most dangerous Invaders. They have more health than level 6 Invaders. By attacking Uber Invaders, you can receive gems, items, and various Invaders' materials, and craft unique equipment.

Festive Uber Invaders are special Uber Invaders that appear on the Global Map on certain holidays. You can destroy these enemies with one hit: your Hero needs only 100 units of energy. For this, you will receive one of six Treasures containing various rewards.

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