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Items are used for various purposes. By using items, you can relocate your Town to any place on the Global Map, move to another Kingdom, yield resources safely, find out the Peace Treaty duration in enemy Towns, and much more.

The Items icon is located at the bottom of the screen. Hitting it opens the corresponding window containing two tabs. The first tab is the Item Store, where you can purchase resources, boosts, speed-ups, etc. All items purchased and obtained for performing various actions are displayed in the second tab — My Items.

All items in both tabs are divided into the following sections:

  • Treasure — this contains various Coffers of items. The number of items depends on the Coffer type (standard, large, huge) or the Coffer level. Examples: "Hero's Experience, Standard Coffer," and "Coffer of Shaman's Power, Level 1." There are Coffers that contain only one random material for crafting equipment. For example, one Rare, Epic, or Legendary material drops from the Legendary Materials Coffer.

The Treasure section also includes:

  • Jarl's Coffers — rewards for increasing the Palace level. They contain various items and have 35 levels.
  • King's Gifts — gifts from the winner of legendary Battle for the Throne Competition. These contain useful items and other rewards.
  • Coffers of holiday Invaders — rewards for killing holiday Invaders. Coffers contain various items and have 6 levels. Examples: Pumpking's Treasure, Level 1 and Snowiking's Treasure, Level 2.
  • Monsters' Coffers — rewards for fighting Monsters of Jotunheim. Boosts, Charms, rune fragments, resources, speed-ups, items for Hero's energy and Shaman's power can drop from Monsters of Jotunheim. There are 6 levels of Coffers. Example: Coffer of Boosts, Level 1 and Coffer of Shaman's Charms, Level 3.
  • Coffers of the Gods — rewards for yielding resources in level 8 and 9 Gifts of the Gods bonus locations, which appear in Kingdoms that took the top places in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury global Competition. These Coffers contain Obsidian or Gold Nuggets and have 6 levels.
  • Hero's Coffrets — rewards for attacking Monsters of Jotunheim, as well as for yielding resources in level 8 and 9 Gifts of the Gods bonus locations. Coffrets contain Books of Knowledge to increase the Hero's experience, Star Shards to upgrade Town Skins, and/or Hero's Keys to upgrade the Hero between levels 61 and 70.

When you open a Coffer, it disappears, and the items that were inside it appear in the corresponding sections in the My Items tab or the Inventory. For example, resources are in the Resources section, and materials are in the corresponding section of the Stock tab in the Forge.

  • Resources — this section includes packs of resources, as well as items that increase resource production and yielding speed, reduce warriors' Food consumption, and much more. Examples: 15,000 Food, "24-Hour Greed (Stone), 50%," "7-Day Great Economy, 25%," etc.

There are also items that are necessary for construction and building upgrades in the Town and in the Clan Stronghold, learning Knowledge and studying Drafts, and for upgrading Town Skins: Bronze, Gold Nuggets, Warrior Drafts, Manuscripts, Totems, Obsidian, Coal, Precious Dust, and Star Shards.

  • Boosts — a section containing items that speed up processes in the Town or in the Clan Stronghold, as well as marches. For example: 1-Minute Boost and Marching Speed-up of 25%.
  • Bonuses — this section displays items that affect military and economic stats and that are used for performing various game actions. Examples: 30-Day VIP Status Activation, Great Relocation, and Book of Knowledge, 100,000.
  • Military — this section contains items that affect various military mechanics, for example: "Peace Treaty, 3 Days," Guard Payoff, and "12-Hour Increased Offense, 20%."

Most items can be applied from the Item Store and the My Items tab.