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Kingdoms Battle: Fury

Kingdoms Battle: Fury is a global Competition between four Kingdoms. You can learn all the essential information about the Kingdoms Battle: Fury in the following ways:

  • Open the Competitions tab in the Events window and hit the icon marked "Kingdoms Battle: Fury"

  • Hit the icon of the active Kingdoms Battle: Fury global Competition on the Global Map and Kingdoms Map

  • Check "The North Today" news window

The Kingdoms Battle: Fury lasts 2 days. Any Jarl whose Kingdom was created more than 30 days ago can participate in this Competition. Complete tasks and earn points to bring your Kingdom to victory.

Please note: if you're not a Clan member, you don't earn any points, including Kingdom points. You also won't be able to relocate to the enemy Kingdoms by using the Great Relocation item.

Before the Competition is announced, all Kingdoms are divided into groups according to their Influence. Some Kingdoms can be left without opponents due to an insufficient number of participants in the group. In this case, they miss out on the Competition.

Jarls from the Kingdoms that took 1st and 2nd places in the Competition receive rewards for personal achievements, as well as other trophies set by the Competition. You can receive extra rewards for personal and Clan achievements by passing legendary checkpoints.