The Kingdoms Battle
Town Relocation
Scoring points
The end of the Kingdoms Battle

The end of the Kingdoms Battle

If you are in the enemy Kingdom when the Competition ends, you will be automatically relocated to your Town’s Echo in your home Kingdom (the point on the Global Map that is reserved for your Town in your home Kingdom while you are in the enemy one).

If you are carrying out an attack, yielding resources or undertaking any other kind of game activity when the Kingdoms Battle ends, this will all be canceled, your troops will return immediately and your Town will be relocated back to your home Kingdom.

The Kingdoms Battle rewards can be divided into the following types:

  • Rewards for a Clan passing checkpoints in the Kingdoms Battle Competition. Jarls who are Clan members and who have earned at least 1 point during this Competition can receive these rewards.
  • Rewards for personal achievements in the Kingdoms Battle Competition that are received by members of the winning Kingdom. The value of these rewards depends on the League the Jarl is in and on the checkpoint they passed.
  • A reward for victory in the Kingdoms Battle, which all Jarls from the winning Kingdom receive. The reward is Gold of the Gods — a special location where Gold is yielded substantially faster than normal — and the activation of bonuses that apply to all Jarls in the Kingdom (in the Events window).
  • A reward for a high ranking in the Kingdoms Battle Competition. All members of the winning Clans will receive a reward according to the League they’re in and the ranking they achieve.

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