The Kingdoms Battle
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Scoring points
The end of the Kingdoms Battle

Scoring points

Kingdom points are the total number of points from all players who take part in the Kingdoms Battle. By completing tasks and scoring points, each Jarl contributes to the victory.

The Kingdoms Battle has special rules regarding points scoring. Points will be scored for the following actions:

  • Destroying warriors from the enemy Kingdom (both in the enemy Kingdom and your home one)
  • Plundering resource locations in the enemy Kingdom
  • Attacking Invaders, Uber Invaders, and Ghosts in the enemy Kingdom

Note the conditions for earning points:

  • Jarls who join a Clan in the 30 minutes before the Competition is announced in the Events window don't receive points for personal or Clan achievements (even if they complete all the necessary tasks). In this case, they also don't earn points for their Kingdom.
  • Jarls who are not Clan members when the Kingdoms Battle starts also don't earn any points, including Kingdom points.
  • Jarls who quit their Clan before the Competition ends will lose their points for personal achievements. In addition, they stop earning personal and Clan points, as well as Kingdom points.
  • If you move to another Kingdom after the Competition was announced, using the Drakkar or Novice's Relocation items, you will no longer be counted as a participant, all your personal achievements will be removed, and other Jarls will not earn points for attacking your Town.

This means that you have to be a Clan member 30 minutes before the Competition is announced in the Events window (in the "Soon to be active" block) in order to earn points for your personal and Clan achievements in the Kingdoms Battle.

Please note: Jarls who are not Clan members, leave a Clan, or join it in the 30 minutes before the Competition is announced can bring points to warriors from the opponent Kingdoms who attack them.

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