Base Design

The Base Design item allows you to temporarily change your Base's appearance on the Global Map and gives you a set of bonuses for various game characteristics.

There are three ways of getting a Base Design item:

  • By purchasing from the Bonuses section of the Item Store
  • By purchasing as part of a Bank Offer
  • By ordering from the Item Catalog

You can apply the Base Design item by:

  • Tapping the Items icon, going to the My Items tab and then opening the Bonuses section

  • Opening the Profile tab in the Headquarters/Core and tapping the "Change Base Design" button



  • Activating it in the Boosts section

Note: if you already have an active Base Design item and you activate the same Design again, their durations will be added together.

If you activate a Base Design that is different from the activated one, it will replace the current Design without including the time left.

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