Aggressors and Ultra Aggressors
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Aggressor and Aggressor's Base
Ultra Aggressor and Ultra Aggressor's Base

Aggressor and Aggressor's Base

There are various types of Aggressors and they are all divided into six levels, depending on their position on the Dimensions Map. Aggressors of the maximum level can be found closest to the center of the map. To attack an Aggressor of a certain level, you need to conduct the relevant Research.

Aggressors can only be fought by Leaders who have sufficient power reserves for an attack. To fight the Aggressor, you need to tap them on the Global Map, select the type of attack your Leader will land, and send the Leader on the march.

For each new attack landed on the selected Aggressor within an hour, the Leader receives a bonus to the damage inflicted.

When an Aggressor is destroyed, the Aggressor’s Base appears in their place, where you can collect resources and components for creating Aggressors' Equipment.