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How to join a Clan

There are two ways of joining a Clan:

  1. Joining a Clan with open admission
  2. Sending a request to a Clan with regulated admission and waiting for a response from the Clan management

After joining a Clan, you get access to the Help Clan Members, Clan Member Battles, Clan Resource Base, and Onslaughts tabs.

There are five titles for Clan members (in descending order): Chief, Adviser, General, Sergeant, and Private.

Each title has its own special features:

  1. All titles higher than a Private can see when other clansmen are online or offline.
  2. Advisers can purchase items from the Catalog, expel Commanders from the Clan, and have access to the Clan management menu.
  3. In addition to the privileges listed above, the Chief is the only member who can edit the Clan Statute sections, transfer power to other Clan members, or disband the Clan.

If you are a member of a Clan, you may leave it at any time ("Quit Clan").

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