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Research categories

Researches are divided into following categories:

1. Economic — these Researches enhance the economic characteristics of your Base, troop capacity, and resource collection speed on the Global Map.

2. Military — these Researches improve the combat characteristics of your troops and allow you to prepare new ranks of combat units.

3. Reconnaissance — these Researches allow you to prepare scouts of the next rank and improve their combat characteristics.

4. Preparation — this kind of Research allows you to reduce the time and resources required to prepare your troops and also improves the key characteristics of combat units.

5. Aggressors — this kind of Research increases the battle performance of your Leader during fights with Aggressors and Ultra Aggressors.

To see more details about a specific Research, tap its icon in the corresponding category. The Researches that can currently be conducted have brightly colored icons. Researches that cannot be conducted at the moment have gray icons.

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