Resources and Technology Points
General information
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General information

You need resources to construct or upgrade buildings, conduct Researches, prepare troops and purchase items from the Store (TP only). There are 6 types of resources: Ammo, Energy, Materials, Fuel, Iridium, Technology Points.

Ways of receiving resources:

  1. By constructing special buildings for resource production (except TP) — the higher the building level, the more resources you get
  2. By collecting them from resource locations (the number of captured resources depends on troop capacity and time spent collecting)
  3. By capturing them in enemy bases
  4. By receiving them as a reward for Quests, Missions, Competitions and from the Genisys Case
  5. By purchasing them from the Item Store, the Clan Resource Base and the Bank
  6. By receiving them from clansmen



The volume of resources produced and collected can be increased with the help of Researches, Leader’s Skills and special boosts.

You can view the general amount of resources produced in your Base in the Headquarters/Core menu under the Statistics tab.