Go to the Kingdom map. There you will see other Lords' Towns, Castles, resource locations, and wastelands (unoccupied territories). You can also find Assailants, Alpha Assailants, and their Camps, as well as Apostates and their Crypts. You can mark places of interest and return to them later with the help of the Landmarks icon in the upper part of the map.

Allow us to draw your attention to the Mini-map icon. It opens a convenient strategic map with:

  • Resource locations
  • Castles
  • Landmarks
  • Your Order members' Towns
  • Your opponents' Towns in the Orders War Tournament
  • The Ancients in the Dominion

Using the mini-map, you can go to objects on the Kingdom map by clicking the corresponding icons.

The mini-map updates while it is open, but not more than once a minute.

Note: you can only open the mini-map of the Kingdom in which your Town is situated.

In the lower left corner of the screen, you can find information on your marches: dispatched carts, armies, and scouts. On the right, there are shortcut icons to Boosts, Events, and lucrative Bank offers.

You can attack and lay siege to other Lords' Towns and some Castles, and also conduct espionage there. You can relocate your Town to unoccupied wastelands.

Resource locations provide you with the corresponding resources.

If you send troops to a resource location or Castle but an enemy army arrives there first, a battle will take place. The winner will occupy the territory.