• Seasons

These are special events during which seasonal personal Tournaments will take place. Participate in them and earn a special currency – ducats, which can be used to purchase unique sets of items, as well as Townscapes and Hero's Guises in the Seasonal Store. Read more about the new feature in the Seasons section of the "How to play" guide.

  • Personalized assortments of Quests

The system for generating your assortments of daily, weekly, and monthly Quests has been revised. The changes will appear when the Quest list is next updated.

  • Access to the Dominion Ruins from Palace level 10

In order for you to explore the Ruins, your Palace now needs to have been upgraded to at least level 10. This change has been introduced to improve game balance.

Lords with lower Palace levels who have already explored the Ruins will be able to access them once again after the aforementioned requirement has been met. All the progress they have earned will be saved.

  • Changes to bonuses from achievements

The bonuses from the "Amaria's First Sword" and "Emperor's Successor" achievements, as well as from one secret achievement, have been increased. The conditions for obtaining the achievements are still the same.

  • A new system for distributing the levels of Forts in the Battle on the Isles

Opponents' Forts can now differ in terms of their levels, but the sum of the levels of one Order's Forts will always be equal to the sum of the levels of the other Order's Forts in all phases. Thus, the opposing Orders each have the opportunity to earn an equal number of points.

Added at the request of players:

  • New building levels

Now all buildings in the Town can be upgraded to level 40. From level 36, some of these buildings will give additional bonuses:

Workshop – increased army defense
Gemmery – increased army health
Rune Workshop – increased army offense during offense
Manor – increased army defense during offense
Hall of Justice – increased army health during offense
Military Camp – increased number of warriors in a Raid
Conclave of Cardinals – increased Cardinals' restoration speed

  • New Studies

Studies from the "Foreign expertise" tab are now divided into two stages. Once your Academy reaches level 36, Studies of the second stage become available, which will increase your troops' stats, including during battles for Towns and Castles, and will also allow you to upgrade your tier VIII warriors separately.

A unique Study – Imperial Fury – provides a temporary, powerful bonus to your army's offense when you attack Towns, but you won't be able to use Inaccessibility for some time after you have activated the bonus.

  • Tier VIII warriors

Warriors from the Adomi Brotherhood are ready to serve you. They are mysterious descendants of the Dominion's ancient inhabitants. They have hidden from the rest of the world for centuries on another island, improving their combat prowess.

To hire them, you need to conduct the corresponding second-stage Study in the "Foreign expertise" tab. You will also need Trophies of Arms in order to do so.

  • Apostate Masters

These enemies have substantially more health than level 6 Apostates. The reward for defeating them will be even greater.

  • A warning about spending Gold and Dominion Keys

A warning about spending Gold has been added. It appears when you start training, healing, or resurrecting warriors, upgrading buildings or troops, promoting Cardinals, or conducting Studies. The same warning will appear when you purchase items by spending Dominion Keys in the Dominion Store.

  • More information about Assailants and Apostates

The window containing detailed information about Assailants and Apostates will now show how long they are due to remain on the Kingdom map, as well as all the materials and runes that you can obtain by attacking them.

  • Changes to the Order Store

The list of offers and their prices in the Order Store and the Item Catalog has been updated.

  • Improved resource transformation in the Order Citadel

The maximum amount of resources that can be transformed in the Order Citadel has been increased.


  • In the window containing information about a piece of Adventurer's equipment, there is an explanation as to why it is not possible to equip the Adventurer with this piece of equipment.
  • In the Tournament ranking windows, the box displaying points has been improved – texts no longer overlap each other.
  • In the Alchemical Laboratory, as well as in the Academy, in the "Foreign expertise" tab, an error that caused the warrior and Study upgrade levels not to be displayed has been fixed.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version.