• The "Battle on the Isles" Tournament

This epic Tournament is a contest between pairs of Orders that takes place in a new location – on the Royal Isles. You can learn more about it in the "How to play" guide, in the "Battle on the Isles" article.

  • Improved military Boosts

All "10-Minute Increased Offense, +100%" and "10-Minute Increased Defense, +100%" Boosts (even those that you already have at your disposal) have been changed to "10-Minute Increased Offense, +500%" and "10-Minute Increased Defense, +500%" respectively.

  • Changes to the duration of the Kingdoms War and Kingdoms War: Retribution

Rounds in these two Tournaments now last for 16 hours instead of 24 hours. This means that each Tournament will last for 2 days.

Added at players' requests:

  • An individual capacity for each type of Castle

Each type now has a different capacity for the number of reinforcements:

  • Eternal Stronghold – 275,000,000 units
  • Order Citadel – 265,000,000 units
  • Rebels' Towers – 230,000,000 units
  • Rampart of the Emperor – 310,000,000 units
  • Forts on the Royal Isles – 310,000,000 units


  • Push notifications are now accompanied by a sound.
  • "✔" and "Х" markers are now displayed in the "Adventurer's equipment" window to show whether a piece of gear can be equipped.

❗ The game will not be available during maintenance, but you will receive a reward afterward. Update the app to the latest version so that it functions correctly.