• Pacts

Form a Pact with another Order, allowing you to take part in Raids together, send reinforcements and carts of resources to one another, boost processes in one another's Towns, and use a separate Pact Chat. Read more about this in the Pacts subsection.

  • Capturing an enemy's Eternal Stronghold

Now, you can not only attack, but also capture the Eternal Stronghold in enemy Kingdoms. Read more about this in the "Capturing and defending the Eternal Stronghold," "Bonuses," and "Reputation" subsections.

  • Military Boosts in the Dominion Store

Purchase the "10-Minute Increased Offense, +500%," "10-Minute Increased Defense, +500%," and "10-Minute Troop Increase, +3250%" Boosts using Dominion Keys.

  • Upgrading achievements

We've changed the bonuses provided by the Dedicated to Amaria achievement and increased the maximum level of seven achievements: Merciless, Gold Hunter, Power in Gold, Scourge of the Empire, Heart of Stone, Master Swordsman, and Achievement Fan.

  • Rewards in the Conquest of the Dominion Tournament

For winning the Tournament, you will get two Hero's Guises: Emperor of the Dominion and Empress of the Dominion. These give the same bonuses.

The duration of the Pride of the Empire Townscape will be increased to 100 days, up from seven days.

Added upon players' requests:

  • Changes to the Orders War

We've removed the "Battles in Towns and resource locations" and "Battles in the Eternal Stronghold" task categories and added three new categories:

  • Capturing an enemy's Eternal Stronghold. Capture and hold the Eternal Stronghold in your enemy's Kingdom until it changes its status to Guarded. Your Order will earn two points in the Tournament by doing so.
  • Destroying enemy warriors during offense. Attack and eliminate enemy troops in any location.
  • Destroying enemy warriors during defense. Defend any location and eliminate enemy troops.

We've added a task about upgrading warriors in the Alchemical Laboratory to the "Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel" category.

  • Increased Castle capacity

The maximum number of warriors you can send to Castles has increased:

  • Eternal Stronghold – 400M
  • Rampart of the Emperor – 340M
  • Order Citadel – 340M
  • Rebels' Tower – 275M
  • Fort – 320M
  • Changes to the duration of Assault status in the Eternal Stronghold.

This status now lasts for one hour, instead of three.

  • Balance changes

We've changed and increased the rewards for logging in to the game daily and for visiting the Bank.

We've also updated daily, weekly, and monthly Quests and increased the rewards they provide – both regular rewards and those from the Trading Guild. The changes will appear once the list of the current Quests has been refreshed.

  • Changes to loot drops from Alpha Assailants and Grand Alpha Assailants

We've updated item drops from these enemies and added Dominion Keys, Empirite, and Amber Shards to the drop list. You now have a chance to obtain a legendary jewel and a material when you destroy Grand Alpha Assailants.


  • We've added the animation of Adomi jewels to the information window about pieces of equipment that have been enhanced with a jewel.
  • We've changed the description of ways of obtaining materials in the "Not enough materials?" window.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version.