A Raid is a joint attack by several Lords of one Order on a player who may be either a member of an Order or an individual (in this case the Raid is possible only if the Palace level in the Town being attacked is 15 or higher).

Build the Military Camp in order to be able to participate in Raids.

If you want to launch a Raid on another Lord's Town, go to the Kingdom map, select the target, tap the "Raid" button and set the start time for the joint attack. Then the window for forming a troop will be displayed.

You can view information about Raids formed by your allies in the Raids tab of the Military Camp, or in your Order menu. If you want to take part in a Raid, tap the “Participate” button next to any empty field for new members.

The Military Camp level in your Town determines the size of the army you can send on a Raid formed by your allies. The total number of Raid troops depends on the level of the Council Hall in the Town of the Lord forming the Raid.

If there is no Inquisitor in your Town yet, a troop can be sent on a Raid without a leader (Hero/Double), but the troop won’t receive bonuses to their military stats.

If there is an Inquisitor in your Town, one troop led by both the Hero/Double and the Inquisitor can be sent on a Raid; or you can send two troops: one led by the Hero/Double, another by the Inquisitor.

A Raid is canceled in the following circumstances:

  • The Lord who formed the Raid cancels it
  • The Lord who formed the Raid leaves their Order
  • The attacked player leaves their Order and their Palace is below level 15
  • The Order of the Lord who formed the Raid is disbanded
  • The attacked Town is relocated
  • The attacked Town is protected by Inaccessibility

Initially, only one Raid can be formed in a Town. To be able to form more Raids, you need to:

  • Upgrade the Council Hall to the level at which two or more marches can be sent simultaneously.
  • Activate the Hero’s Double or summon an Inquisitor.

You can form a new Raid after the troops of the first Raid led by the Hero/Double or Inquisitor have left the Town and are heading to their destination.

Please note: if you have summoned an Inquisitor, only troops with a leader can be sent on a Raid (Hero/Double and/or the Inquisitor). This means that you can send a maximum of two troops on a Raid.

If you have formed the first Raid from two troops led by the Hero/Double and the Inquisitor, and you have the possibility of forming a second Raid, the remaining leader will head it up – the Hero’s Double/Hero.

Ally troops sent to the Town of the Lord forming the Raid will defend the Town in case of an attack.

After the Raid has ended, the surviving troops return to their Towns.

Lords who want to form or participate in a Raid and do not meet all the required conditions will see a pop-up window with a list of necessary actions.

If a Lord cannot take part in a Raid at the moment, a window will be displayed explaining why the action is not possible.

Remember that you can start the Raid before the timer runs out, without waiting for all the warriors to arrive. To do so, tap the "Start" button in the Raid window.

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