By using resources, you can construct buildings, conduct Studies, train and upgrade warriors, fuse jewels, craft Hero's and Inquisitors' equipment, promote certain Cardinals, and maintain your troops.

There are six types of resource: Lumber, Stone, Iron, Food, Silver, and Gold.

You can replenish your resources in the following ways:

  • Produce them in buildings in your Town
  • Yield them in resource locations on the Kingdom map
  • Plunder other Lords' Towns of level 6 and above
  • Ask a member of your Order or Pact to send you a cart of resources
  • Attack the Rebels' Towers during the Kingdoms War: Rebellion Tournament
  • Open the Treasure and the Lord's Coffer that is awarded every time the Palace levels up
  • Attack Assailants and Apostates
  • Complete Quests and Errands
  • Win worldwide Tournaments

You can build the following resource buildings in your Town:

The more resource buildings there are in the Town and the higher their level, the greater the quantity of resources of a certain type that is produced. To increase the amount of resources produced in the Town, upgrade the corresponding Hero’s Skills and economic Studies.

You can view resource production statistics in a special tab in the Palace:

If you yield resources by attacking a resource location or another Lord’s Town, the amount of resources your troops can bring back is equal to the total troop capacity. Troop capacity is increased if your Hero leads the troop and has special bonuses that affect capacity (for example, suitable equipment).