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Raid Troop Headcount

Raid Troop Headcount is an item that increases the number of spaces in a troop you send on a Raid.

For example, the maximum number of warriors you can send on a Raid is 100,000. But if you apply the "10-Minute Raid Troop Headcount, +350%" item, you will be able to send 450,000 warriors during the specified period.

You can purchase the item that increases the headcount of a single troop sent to participate in a Raid by 150% in the Order Store, by 250% in the Item Store, and 350% or 955% as part of Bank offers. You can also get these Boosts as a reward in some Tournaments.

There are two ways to use these items:

1. Apply them from the Military section of the My Items tab in the Items window.

2. Go to the Boosts window, then the Army category, select the Raid Troop Headcount section, and activate the Boost.

Remember that the item bonuses are not cumulative; they replace each other. If the "10-Minute Raid Troop Headcount, +350%" item is active and you decide to apply the "10-Minute Raid Troop Headcount, +150%" item, the effect of the first item will be canceled.

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