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Revival of the Fallen

Revival of the Fallen is an item that temporarily sends some of your warriors who were slain out of Town for healing.

For example, 10,000 warriors were killed in a battle out of Town. You lose 3,000 (30%) of them forever, while 7,000 (70%) can be resurrected in the Infirmary. If you apply the 30-Minute Revival of the Fallen, +10% Boost, 700 warriors (10% of 7,000) go for healing.

You can purchase the Revival of the Fallen item as part of Bank offers.

There are two ways to use the item:

1. Apply it from the Military section of the My Items tab in the Items window.

2. Go to the Boosts window, then the Army category, select the Revival of the Fallen section, and activate the Boost.