Construction and upgrades
Building types

Building types

The Palace is the main building in the Town and the Lord's residence. Here, you can view Town statistics. Upgrade the Palace in order to upgrade other buildings.

The Academy allows you to conduct Studies that are necessary for Town development and strengthening the Lord’s influence. From building level 36, you will also be able to conduct the unique Imperial Fury Study. Read more about it in the Studies section, Imperial Fury subsection.

The Council Hall – upgrade this building in order to increase the number of marches performed simultaneously. 

The Inn allows you to receive reinforcements from other Lords in your Order or Pact. The higher its level, the more reinforcements you can host.

The Outpost helps you to search for locations on the Kingdom map, and its watchmen will alert you in case of an enemy attack.

The Treasury helps to shelter some amount of Town resources from successful enemy attacks. 

The Wall adds a bonus to army defense in your Town. 

In the Workshop, you can craft equipment for your Hero and Inquisitors, upgrade some pieces of equipment, and combine materials to improve their quality. Equipment provides bonuses to important military and economic stats. Upgrading the Workshop increases the speed at which equipment is crafted. From level 36, the building gives a bonus to the defense of your army.

The Gemmery allows you to fuse and transform jewels, which can be used to improve equipment. When this building reaches level 21, you will be able to create legendary jewels. From level 36, the Gemmery gives a bonus to the health of your army.

The Rune Workshop gives you the ability to craft runes from shards and fuse runes of the same type. You can use runes to enhance legendary equipment. Upgrading the Rune Workshop reduces the time required to fuse runes. Once this building has reached level 36, it gives a bonus to the offense of your army during offense. In order for you to be able to build the Rune Workshop, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Port allows you to exchange resources with other Lords from your Order or Pact. By upgrading the Port, you increase the cart speed and reduce the tax on sending resources. In order for you to build the Port, your Palace needs to be at least level 5.

A Member of your Order or Pact whose Palace is below level 6 cannot accept resources that exceed their Treasury capacity. The surplus will be returned to you along with a portion of the tax, which is calculated based on the amount of resources that was sent and returned.

For example, when sending 10,000 Iron, you pay 10% Port tax – 1,000 Iron. This means:

  • 9,000 Iron is sent (10,000 minus 1,000).
  • The recipient Order or Pact member receives 7,000 Iron (the amount that can be held in their Treasury).
  • The tax on the accepted 7,000 Iron is 778 Iron. If the Port tax is 10%, you need to spend 7,778 Iron to send 7,000 Iron in a cart to the recipient Order or Pact member.
  • The 2,000 Iron that was not accepted by the recipient's Treasury (9,000 minus 7,000) will be returned to your Town, along with part of the tax (222 Iron).
  • 222 Iron is the difference between the tax that you paid when sending the resource (1,000) and the tax on the resources that were accepted by the recipient (778).
  • You will get back a total of 2,222 Iron.

The Barracks is where your warriors are trained. Upgrading the Barracks increases the number of warriors that can be trained simultaneously. 

In the Alchemical Laboratory, you can improve your warriors' stats.

The Conclave of Cardinals enables you to summon and promote Cardinals. Their bonuses significantly affect your military and economic stats. The building slot is on the left of the Palace, slightly below the Outpost. Upgrade this building to get access to new Cardinals, as well as further power levels for all of them. Once the Conclave of Cardinals has reached level 36, it gives a bonus to the restoration speed of Cardinals. In order for you to be able to build the Conclave of Cardinals, your Palace needs to be at least level 18.

In the Manor, you can view necessary information about your Hero and available equipment. Upgrading this building increases the bonus to Experience your Hero earns. From level 36, the Manor gives a bonus to the defense of your army during offense. When the Manor reaches levels 21, 26, and 31–40, your Hero receives additional Skill points.


The Hall of Justice is needed to summon and appoint Inquisitors. Here, you can view information about the Inquisitors' Doctrines, bonuses, and equipment. The higher the level of this building, the more Experience the active Inquisitor receives. The Hall of Justice also gives a bonus to the health of your army during offense. In order for you to be able to build the Hall of Justice, your Palace needs to be at least level 12.

The Infirmary is the building where injured warriors can be healed and warriors who have died can be resurrected.

The total capacity of Infirmaries depends on their levels and quantity: the more Infirmaries, the more warriors that can go there for healing after battles.

In the event of a failed defense of your Town, injured warriors are sent to the Infirmaries, where they can be found in the Healing tab. If the Infirmaries' capacity is less than the size of your army, go to the Resurrection tab and you can resurrect 70% of the warriors that didn't end up in the Healing section in exchange for Gold. You can also temporarily increase the space in all of your Town's Infirmaries using the Infirmaries' Capacity item.

Injured warriors fill up the Infirmary in descending order: from the highest tier to the lowest. You can remove warriors from the Infirmary to make space for more valuable ones. The healing process can be performed in exchange for either resources or Gold.

In the Infirmary, you can also use Gold to resurrect warriors who have fallen in battles outside your Town:

  • In battles in other Lords' Towns
  • In battles for resource locations
  • Fighting in Assailants’ Camps
  • Attacking and defending the Eternal Stronghold

Resurrection has no capacity limits. Over the course of a week, you can get back 70% of the warriors that have fallen in battles outside your Town. Resurrection is performed instantly and only in exchange for Gold. In addition, by using the Revival of the Fallen item you can send some warriors killed out of Town for healing.

The Military Camp allows you to form Raids and participate in them. Upgrading the building increases the maximum number of warriors in a Raid. From level 36, the Military Camp gives an additional bonus to this stat. This building cannot be demolished once it has been built.

The Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Mine, and House are buildings where you can produce Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Silver that are essential for each Town. They also increase the maximum amount of resources stored in the Town. Note: upgrading Houses speeds up warrior training.

Level 32–40 resource buildings affect not only economic stats (production and resource storage capacity) but military stats as well. The Farm gives bonuses to Infirmaries' capacity, the Stone Quarry gives bonuses to army defense, the Mine gives bonuses to army health, and the Lumber Mill gives bonuses to army offense.

The capacity of all resource buildings is limited. If the limit is exceeded, the production of the resource is stopped. It will be restored when the amount of this resource is less than the maximum capacity.

For example, let's say there are 10 level 1 Lumber Mills in your Town, and their maximum capacity is 10,000 Lumber. Upon reaching this resource limit, the Lumber Mills will stop producing Lumber, but this does not apply to resources that are obtained by any other means. So, if you get 10,000 extra Lumber in the Loggers' Camp on the Kingdom map or by pillaging resources from another Lord's Town, the amount of Lumber will be totaled after your troop returns to the Town. The total amount will be 20,000 units.

The production of Lumber is restored as soon as the amount of this resource in your Town is less than 10,000 units.