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Clan Base buildings

In the Clan Base, you can construct and upgrade the following buildings:

Strategic Module

The module displays statistics and information about the Clan Base. Upgrading this facility enables the Clan to construct and upgrade other buildings. With each new Strategic Module level, the Control Zone area expands and the number and effect of bonuses received by Commanders with bases located in the Control Zone increase.

Research Module

In this building, you can conduct Researches that enhance the most important Clan Base stats. Upgrading this Module unlocks access to new Researches and speeds them up.

Resource Stock Module

This facility is needed for collecting the resources and Schemes sent by clansmen to the Clan Base and for storing the special resources produced in the Clan Base's resource buildings. Upgrading this facility allows you to increase the amount of cargo sent in one convoy, as well as its delivery speed, and to reduce its sending cost.

Security Module

This facility is needed to move enemy bases out of the Control Zone. With every new level, the operating area of the Security Module increases. To activate defensive protocols, you need the Directive item.

Gear Design Module

This facility stores encoded Drafts of special Equipment. By deciphering them using Access Codes, Clan members can create special Equipment at their bases.

Arsenal Module

This facility transforms Ammo into Ammo Kits.

Energy Module

This facility transforms Energy into Energy Capsules.

Meta-Element Module

This facility transforms Materials into Metamaterials.

Fuel Module

This facility transforms Fuel into Multi-Fuel.

Reactor Module

This facility transforms Iridium into Iridium Isomer.

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