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Clan Base construction

Clan members can find the requirements for Clan Base construction in the Clan Base section of the My Clan tab.

Please note that the resources and Schemes needed to construct the Clan Base are stored in the Clan Chief's base. By tapping the "Add Resources" button, the Chief can go to a special window where they can buy and apply resources. Clansmen can send convoys of resources and Schemes to the Clan Chief's base using the "Send Resources" button.

You can buy Schemes in the Clan Resource Base for Efficiency Points or as part of Bank offers.

Note: only the Chief can give the command to start Clan Base construction and their Headquarters/Core must be level 6 or above.

After all requirements have been met, the Clan Chief can start construction.

When choosing a place for your Clan Base, please bear the following in mind:

  • The Clan Base cannot be relocated
  • If the construction process is canceled, all resources spent on construction will be lost

After construction has started, it can be sped up by any Clan member by tapping the "Boost" button and applying Clan Base Boost items.

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