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Special resources

The Arsenal Module, Energy Module, Meta-Element Module, Fuel Module, and Reactor Module are used to transform ordinary resources into special ones: Ammo Kits, Energy Capsules, Metamaterials, Multi-Fuel, and Iridium Isomer. These resources are needed to upgrade Clan Base buildings.

All Clan members are able to send resources for transformation to the Clan Base from their own base's Supply Center/Terminal. The Clan Base should be selected as the recipient.

After resources have arrived at the Clan Base, they are stored in the Resource Stock Module until they have been transformed in the Modules.

You can transform resources more cheaply and less quickly or more expensively and more quickly.

Processes in resource buildings can be initiated by the Clan Chief and Advisers. They choose the optimum mode for transformation according to the Clan's capabilities, the resource stock available and the time they are prepared to spend on the process.

Please note: once started, the transformation process can't be canceled. Any Clan member can speed up the process using special items — Clan Base Boosts.

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