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Components for Equipment
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Modification classes
Modification synthesis
Implanting modifications into Equipment
Removing modifications
Disassembling Equipment

Removing modifications

Modifications can be removed from Equipment in two ways:

  1. Modifications can be smashed. By smashing them, you free up slots in the Equipment but you won't be able to use the modifications again.
  2. Modifications may be removed with the help of the Disassembler item. If you do this, the removed modifications are saved in the Stock and may be used again. The following types of Disassemblers are available depending on the class of the modification they are applied to:
  • Primitive
  • Handicraft
  • Manufactured
  • Upgraded
  • Advanced
  • Ultimate

After a modification is removed, the Disassembler goes out of order. You can purchase a new one in the Bonus section of the Item Store.