Apostates and Apostate Masters
Apostate Masters


The Apostates are unique enemies on the Kingdom map that can be fought by your Inquisitor.

Each Apostate has a health reserve that is determined by their level. Level 1 Apostates are the most vulnerable, while level 6 Apostates are the best protected. The positioning of the Apostates on the Kingdom map depends on their level: the weakest are placed on the borders, while the toughest are found in the center of the map.

Apostate Masters are a more dangerous type of Apostate. They have substantially more health than level 6 Apostates. It is more difficult to defeat them, but the reward for doing so will be bigger.

By attacking an Apostate, the Inquisitor can obtain as a reward game items, resources, and shards that are used for rune creation in the Rune Workshop.

In order for your Inquisitor to be able to attack an Apostate, you need to:

  • Conduct the Unlock Apostates Study in the Academy. Note: the Unlock Apostates I Study allows you to attack level 1 Apostates, Unlock Apostates II – level 2 Apostates and so on.
  • Ensure that the Inquisitor is not marching and their Faith is sufficient to land at least a single hit.

Only the Inquisitor can fight against an Apostate. To do so, they need sufficient Faith. The higher the Apostate’s level, the more Faith the Inquisitor needs in order to attack.

When an attack on the Apostate is complete, the Inquisitor’s Faith restoration begins. By using the Inquisitor’s Faith item, you can speed up Faith restoration. You can purchase this item in the Item Store or get it as a reward for performing various game actions.

Conducting corresponding Studies and upgrading the Inquisitor’s Doctrines allows you to increase the Inquisitor’s Faith and critical hit chances, as well as improve many other important characteristics that influence the outcome of battles against the Apostates.

There are two kinds of attacks on the Apostate: a normal and a heavy attack. During a normal attack, the Inquisitor can land only a single hit. During a heavy attack, they can land several hits at once. The number of hits depends on the Inquisitor’s Faith.

When the Inquisitor destroys an Apostate, they receive a reward. At the place where the battle occurred, there appears the Apostate’s Crypt, a special resource location. Send your troops to yield resources there and you will have a chance of obtaining rune shards.

You can receive rune shards only for attacking Apostates and yielding resources in their Crypts. Use shards to create runes in the Rune Workshop and enhance legendary equipment with them.

Note: not only you can attack Apostates, but also any other Lord who sends their Inquisitor into battle.