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Scoring points
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Scoring points

The tasks in the epic Tournament can be divided into two groups according to the following goals:

  • Earning points in the Battle on the Isles (by destroying the opposing Order's Forts)
  • Reaching personal and Order achievements (by killing enemy warriors)

The main Tournament score is composed of the points for destroying Forts. The winner out of a pair of Orders is determined based on this score.

To earn these points, you just need to perform one successful attack on a Fort. All subsequent attacks on the burning Castle won't bring any points, but you will be able to plunder the remaining resources from it.

The higher a Fort's level, the more points an Order earns for destroying it.

If the score for destroying Forts is tied, the Order that earns the most points for killing the following enemy warriors wins the Tournament:

  • Warriors belonging to Lords from the opposing Order
  • Warriors belonging to other Lords who are on the Royal Isles
  • Isle Guards

Points for killing enemy warriors count towards both personal and Order achievements.

You also earn Trophies of Arms for killing all warriors except for those that belong to Lords from your home Kingdom.

There are several conditions for scoring personal and Order points:

  • Lords who join an Order in the 30 minutes before the Tournament is announced in the Events window don't receive points for personal or Order achievements (even if they complete all the necessary tasks).
  • Lords who quit their Order before the Tournament ends lose their points for personal achievements. In addition, they stop earning personal and Order points and don't receive rewards for new Order achievements.
  • Only members of the Order that won the Tournament receive rewards for personal achievements.
  • If during the Tournament one of the two competing Orders is disbanded, it will lose all the points it has earned. The other Order is declared the winner and continues to earn points for completing tasks.
  • If neither of the opposing Orders earns points, they are both considered to have lost and are demoted to a lower Isles League.