Eternal Stronghold
Capturing and defending the Eternal Stronghold


The Master and Counselors of the Order that has captured the Eternal Stronghold can give various Reputations to Lords from their own Kingdom or the opposing Kingdom in a worldwide Tournament. Reputations are positive or negative titles that grant positive or negative bonuses.

The same Reputation can be given to several Lords. The first time a Reputation is given is free, but subsequent ones will cost Gold. The more times the King or the Counselors give a Reputation, the more expensive it becomes to do so.

Multiple Reputations cannot be given to one Lord.

A Reputation can be active for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours. Reputations cannot be reassigned or canceled. When a Reputation expires, it can be assigned to other Lords.

The Town of a Lord who has been given a Reputation is marked with a special symbol on the Kingdom map. You can find out more about the assigned Reputation in the Lord's information window.

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