The Hero is the leader who heads up your troops on marches. If the Hero takes part in a march, it increases certain stats of the troop the Hero is leading.

For various game actions (for example, attacking Assailants and Alpha Assailants, completing Quests, and accomplishing Errands) the Hero receives Experience. When the Hero has a sufficient amount of Experience, their level is increased, and several Skill points are awarded.

To level up the Hero beyond level 61, a certain number of special items, Hero's Crystals, is necessary. You can get these in the following ways:

  • Attacking the Ancients in the Dominion and Alpha Assailants in Amaria (a Hero's Coffer with Hero's Crystals may be dropped)
  • Yielding resources in level 8 and 9 Great Resource Locations (in this case you can also obtain Hero's Coffers with Hero's Crystals)
  • Buying them in the Order Store for Personal Points
  • Purchasing them in the Bank

Remember: a Hero of level 60 or higher continues gaining Experience, but only until the amount is enough to progress to the next level. After level 70 (the maximum level) is reached, the Hero stops gaining Experience.

When you level up the Hero beyond level 61, the Hero receives points for upgrading elite Skills. These are listed in a separate tab of the Hero's Skills window.

For the Hero to gain more Experience:

  • Apply the Mastery item
  • Upgrade the Manor (when this building reaches level 21, 26, or 31–35, the Hero receives several Skill points)
  • Equip the Hero with gear that has the corresponding bonuses

You can also instantly get Experience by applying the Scroll of Knowledge item.

Depending on the equipment and upgraded Skills, your Hero can influence not only the troops being led, but various stats of your Town as well, even if the Hero is currently out of Town.

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