Hero’s Profiles
Managing Hero’s Profiles
Unlocking Slots

Managing Hero’s Profiles

You can manage your Hero’s Profiles in the Manor, the Hero’s Profiles tab.

In this tab, you can create, load and change Profiles you saved earlier. You can also unlock additional slots for new Profiles.

Select an available slot and tap “Save” in order to save the current Hero’s Skills and equipment. In the new window, enter the Profile name.

In the Hero’s Profile window, you can view the saved equipment, Hero’s Skills and bonuses. Here you can also delete, replace, or load another Profile.

Tap the "Delete" button in order to delete the Hero’s Profile and free up the slot. Remember: when you delete a Profile, you are only deleting the saved set of equipment and Skills – the Skills and equipment themselves will still belong to your Hero.

To change the set of Skills and equipment saved in the Profile for the current one, tap the "Replace" button. It allows you to add equipment with more suitable bonuses to the Profile or improve the Profile with recently upgraded Skills.

Tap the "Load" button to activate a selected Profile using the Load Hero's Profile item. You can purchase this item in the Item Store (Bonuses tab) or in the "Profile loading" window by tapping the "Buy and apply" button.

Special pictograms in the saved Profile show you if the Profile equipment has been changed or is not found in the Inventory.

The equipment saved in the Profile will be marked with red pictogram if you delete it from the Inventory.

If you change the equipment saved in a Profile (for example, enhance it with other jewels), it will be marked with a yellow pictogram.