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Townscapes and info about how to obtain them can be found here. You can also find out about the active bonuses provided by unlocked Townscapes here.

The list of upgradable Townscapes can be viewed in the All Townscapes section. Here, unlocked Townscapes appear first, followed by unavailable ones. At the end of the list, you will find the "No Townscape" icon, which allows you to switch back to your Town's regular appearance.

The Townscapes that you can obtain from the Seasonal Store and the Avalon Store are also displayed here. You don't need to unlock them; once purchased, they will already be at level 1, and all their bonuses will affect your Town. Read more about them in the Seasons and Battle for Avalon sections.

There are three types of Townscape: usual ones are gray, rare are dark blue, and legendary are yellow. Each Townscape can be upgraded to level 5, while Townscapes from the Seasonal Store and Avalon Store can be upgraded to level 6.

If there is an arrow next to a Townscape, it means that you have met the condition to upgrade it.

The "Townscape bonuses" section contains information about how Townscapes influence various game stats.