Orders War
Earning Points
End of the Orders War

Earning Points

To earn points in the Orders War, you need to complete the tasks specified in the rules of the Tournament.

Points are counted towards personal and Order achievements. They can be earned either in your home Kingdom or in the enemy Kingdom. However, you will get more points for actions performed in enemy territory.

In total, there are eight categories of tasks:

  1. Capturing an enemy's Eternal Stronghold – capture an enemy's Eternal Stronghold and hold it until it changes its status to Guarded.
  2. Battles in the Order Citadel – eliminate enemy warriors and foreign armies in the Order Citadel.
  3. Destroying enemy warriors during offense – attack and eliminate enemy troops in any location.
  4. Destroying enemy warriors during defense – defend yourself in any location and eliminate enemy troops.
  5. Destroying enemy warriors – eliminate your opponent's troops in any location.
  6. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors.
  7. Hunting Assailants and Apostates, and yielding resources in resource locations.
  8. Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel – earn points by constructing and upgrading buildings, conducting Studies in the Towns of Order members, as well as by constructing and upgrading buildings, conducting Studies, and transforming resources in the Order Citadel.

In the "Capturing an enemy's Eternal Stronghold" category, there are no tasks that will bring you points for Order and personal achievements when you complete them. Each successful attempt at capturing the Eternal Stronghold and subsequently holding it until it changes its status to Guarded brings an Order two points in the Tournament.

Please pay attention to the rules by which points are calculated for subcategories in the "Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel" category:

  • Points for the "Gain Power of the Order Citadel" and "Transform resources in the Citadel" subcategories will only count towards Order achievements and not the Master's or Counselors' personal achievements.
  • Points for the "Gain Power" subcategory will be counted for building construction and upgrading, and conducting Studies in your own Town, so they will count towards personal and Order's achievements.

If a Lord who joined an Order after the worldwide Tournament had been announced becomes the Master, the alliance won't earn points for the "Gaining Power and developing the Order Citadel" category.

It should also be noted that if the checkpoints were passed only due to the points for developing the Order Citadel, then only the Master will receive notifications about this and the subsequent rewards for doing so. Moreover, if the Order wins, none of its members will receive a reward for or notification about the Tournament victory. However, the bonuses that speed up processes will be effective in all the alliance members' Towns and in the Order Citadel itself.

To be victorious, an Order needs to earn more points than its opponent in most categories. If, at the end of the Tournament, the competitors both have the lead in the same number of categories, then the alliance that scored the most points in total will be the winner.

If your alliance wins, all its participants who earned at least one point will receive a reward.

Note: in the Orders War, points are only scored for destroying enemy Order warriors and soldiers from foreign armies.

In addition, the following rules also apply in this worldwide Tournament:

  • You need to have been a member of your Order at least 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced in the Events window. Otherwise, you won't earn points for your Order or receive rewards, even if you complete all the necessary tasks.

  • If, during the Tournament, one of the two opposing Orders is disbanded, it loses all the points it has earned. The other alliance becomes the winner and continues receiving points for completing all tasks, except for destroying enemy armies.
  • If you quit the Order before the Tournament ends, you won't receive rewards for new Order achievements.
  • If tasks in the Orders War are the same as the tasks in personal or special Tournaments, then points are awarded for all Tournaments.
  • You will receive rewards for personal achievements if your Order wins the Tournament.

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