Kingdoms War
Invasion and Return
Special Features
Earning Points
End of the Kingdoms War

Special Features

When you relocate your Town to enemy lands, you get the ability to communicate in the chat of the opposing Kingdom. To view messages, click the chat area and go to the Enemies Chat tab. Messages from Lords of your Kingdom and the opposing Kingdom will be displayed in different colors.

During the Kingdoms War, the Masters of the Orders can communicate with each other in the special Masters Chat to plan their actions and joint attacks. To achieve victory in the Tournament, you may need the help of your recent enemies. Remember: unity is power!

Note: you can participate in a Raid only if it is formed in the Kingdom where your Town is currently located.

Remember: you can send carts only to allies whose Towns are located in the same Kingdom as you.

Please note that there are certain attack restrictions during the Kingdoms War. The Lords of opposing Kingdoms can attack only enemy Towns that:

  • Belong to an Order
  • Do not belong to an Order, but have a Palace of level 15 or higher

Please also be aware that you can attack the Eternal Stronghold in an enemy Kingdom, but you won’t be able to capture and hold it. This means that you will earn points for destroying enemy troops, but you won’t be able to give a Lord a Reputation or receive the other bonuses for holding the Eternal Stronghold that you would get if this happened in your home Kingdom.

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