Orders War


The Orders War is a worldwide Tournament. The Orders of different Kingdoms fight against each other in a one-on-one format. The pairs of Orders are determined before the start of the Tournament based on the Leagues the Orders belong to. The pairs remain unchanged until the end of the Tournament.

To find out all the necessary information about the Tournament and the enemy Order, click the Orders War block in the Events window.

The Orders War is held in the home Kingdom of your alliance as well as in the territory of an enemy Order. By using the Invasion and Return items, you can relocate your Town between the Kingdoms.

Note! You can take part in the Orders War if:

  • Your Order has at least 5,000,000 Power points
  • Your Kingdom was founded at least 30 days ago
  • Your Order was created before the Tournament appeared in the "Soon to be active" section of the Events window

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