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Avalon Towers

Avalon Towers are Castles on the Eternal Isles. The Avalon Sentinels guard these Castles.

After capturing a Tower, the Order earns points by controlling it. The closer to the Heart of Avalon the Tower is located, the more points the Order will score in the Battle for Avalon.

An Order can only hold a maximum of three Avalon Towers at a time.

A Tower territory consists of tiles near an Avalon Tower where Towns can be placed. The number of such places is limited.

Neighboring Towers are Avalon Towers that are connected by a bridge or gateway.

Avalon Towers differ by:

  • Level. This affects the number of Avalon Sentinels defending the Tower, the number of reinforcements it can host, and the number of points that are earned by holding it.
  • Letter. Avalon Towers can have letters A, B, C, D, or E, where A are Towers near the Outlands, and E is the central Tower. The number next to the letter refers to the sequence number of a Tower.

You can only attack an Avalon Tower by means of a Raid.

From the Outlands, members of your Order or Pact can capture any Tower that is connected to the Outlands by a bridge.

If you are on the territory of an Avalon Tower, you can only attack neighboring Towers that are connected with yours by a bridge or gateway.

Let's have a look at the following situation. Your Order's Towns are in the Outlands. You want to take control of the central Avalon Tower. You won't be able to reach it directly from the Outlands. First, you need to capture the Tower that is nearest to the Outlands. Then, from the territory of this Tower, you can set off to the neighboring Tower, and so on, until you reach the center.

This means you need to capture Avalon Towers connected by bridges or gateways one by one in sequence, and thus make your way from the edges to the center.

How to capture an Avalon Tower:

  • If there are Avalon Sentinels or enemy troops in a Tower, you will need to dislodge them by means of a Raid.
  • If there are only scouts in a Tower, send your scout troops there or perform a Raid right away.

Once an Order has captured a Tower, the Order will earn points for every second it holds the Tower. Members of this Order or Pact will be able to relocate their Towns to the Tower's territory from anywhere in Avalon — from the Outlands or from other isles.

If your Order or Pact loses the Avalon Tower, all Towns on its territory will be relocated to the Outlands, to the places where their Towns' Shadows are located. If these Lords have reinforcements in other Towns or Towers, their reinforcements will remain where they are.

Reports about defending an Avalon Tower, sending Raids, and performing espionage are only sent to those Lords whose troops participated in the relevant battles. You cannot share reports about Raids on Avalon Towers. However, you can view information about battles in Towers in the "Battles of Order members" section of the Order window.