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Town relocation

The Battle for Avalon era-defining Tournament is held in Avalon. To relocate your Town there, use the Avalon Invasion item, and to return to your home Kingdom, use the Return to Amaria item.

You can purchase the Avalon Invasion and the Return to Amaria items in the Item Store and in the Order Store. You will receive these items for free in the block of the Battle for Avalon Tournament in the Events window.

Requirements for relocating a Town to Avalon:

  • Your Order must be participating in the Battle for Avalon
  • Your Palace must be level 34 or higher
  • You joined the Order at least 30 minutes before the Tournament was announced

Avalon consists of Eternal Isles, on which Avalon Towers are located, and the Outlands.

The Outlands are the territory around the Eternal Isles. This is where your Town appears when you relocate from your home Kingdom to Avalon.

After you've relocated to the Outlands, the first Town's Shadow will remain in place of your Town in your home Kingdom. It prevents other Lords from placing their Towns on your territory. Your Town will return to the place of this Shadow after the Battle for Avalon is over or when you use the Return to Amaria item.

Use the Relocation item to relocate your Town from the Outlands to:

  • Anywhere in the Outlands
  • The territory of an Avalon Tower that has been captured by your Order or Pact

In the Outlands, you can attack the Towns of enemy Lords and exchange reinforcements and resources with members of your Order or Pact.

Avalon Towers are located on the Eternal Isles. The Isles are connected by bridges or gateways.

When you relocate from the Outlands to the Eternal Isles, a second Town's Shadow remains in the Outlands. It prevents other Lords from placing their Towns on that spot. This is the only place to which you can relocate your Town if you want to return to the Outlands.

To view the whole of Avalon, open the mini-map. It shows the following objects:

  • Avalon Towers
  • Your landmarks
  • Your Order members' Towns

Towers that are controlled by your Order are marked in green, and Towers that have been captured by the members of your Pact are marked in blue.