Summoning and appointing an Inquisitor
Inquisitor’s Doctrines


Inquisitors are your followers who, like the Hero, take part in marches, improve the military characteristics of your army, and increase the economic stats of your Town. Thanks to the Inquisitor's special equipment, you can gain a substantial advantage over your enemies.

In addition, Inquisitors are able to fight Apostates, unlike Heroes, however they cannot attack Assailants and Alpha Assailants.

Each Inquisitor has their own unique bonuses – Blessings. Remember that only the appointed Inquisitor's bonuses are active and not those of all summoned Inquisitors.

The maximum level of an Inquisitor is limited by their Dignity. There are six Dignities in the game. The higher the Dignity, the higher the level an Inquisitor can reach and the greater the bonus provided by their Blessings. To increase their Dignity, the Inquisitor’s personal Candles are required. You can obtain these as part of Bank offers (the first Inquisitor, Adrian Architect’s Candles can also be found in the Order Store).