Troop sets


Marches give you an opportunity to attack other Lords’ Towns and resource locations, conduct espionage, and send reinforcements and resources to your allies.

Upgrade the Council Hall and corresponding Studies to increase the number of marches that can take place simultaneously and the maximum number of warriors that can participate in these marches.

If your Hero, the Hero’s Double, or the Inquisitor leads a march, certain characteristics of the troop are improved, depending on the Skills/Doctrines they possess. A march can be performed without a leader if your warlord is on another march or is in a reinforcement troop in another location. In both cases, a minimum of one warrior is required to send a march.

Each Lord at their own discretion forms the list of marching warriors. However, you can send all of the troops in your Town on a march by tapping the "Select all" button (if the number of warriors in the Town exceeds the maximum permitted number of warriors in a troop, warriors of different types will be selected in equal proportions).

You can choose a destination for a military, scouting, or trade march:

  • On the Kingdom map.
  • In the Watchman tab of the Outpost.
  • From your list of landmarks.
  • From the Order list (to send reinforcements or a cart).

When you have selected a march destination, you can organize a troop for the march in the troop formation window. Here, you can also decide whether a warlord should take part in the planned march. To have your leader remain in the Town, deselect their portrait.

To speed up a march by 25% or 50%, apply the Marching Speed-up item.

You will receive a march report in your Mail section, regardless of the result of the march.

You can post your battle reports in Order Chat if you are an alliance member. To do so, open the report you need and tap the "Share" button.

If a Lord attacks the location where you are yielding resources, a battle will take place.

Lords’ Towns can be protected by the Inaccessibility item. In this case, nobody can spy on or attack these Towns. If the Inaccessibility item is applied after an enemy attack has been sent to the Town but before it has reached the destination, the enemy troops turn around and return without performing any actions.

Resource locations that are located on the Kingdom map can be protected by the Safe Conduct item. In this case, nobody can attack them or conduct espionage.

If the Safe Conduct item is applied after an enemy attack has been sent to the location but before it has reached the destination, the enemy troops turn around after reaching the destination and return to their Town without performing any actions.

Please remember that scout troops sent by other Lords are not displayed on the Kingdom map.