Standard Study categories
Conducting standard Studies
Study categories in the "Foreign expertise" tab
Conducting Studies in the "Foreign expertise" tab
Imperial Fury

Conducting standard Studies

Studies are conducted in the Academy. To start, select a Study of a particular category. You can conduct Studies for resources or for Gold (instantly).

Some Studies have more than one level. These Studies can be conducted several times, and their level is gradually upgraded. You cannot conduct a level 3 Study immediately after its level 1 version.

You can conduct two Studies simultaneously if the Hire Scholar item is activated in your Town. Otherwise, only one Study can be conducted at any one time.
To conduct certain Studies, you need Grants. You can purchase this item in the Order Store with Personal Points or as part of Bank offers. You can also get it by accomplishing usual Errands.

In addition, you can get Grants by attacking Alpha Assailants. Success depends on the upgraded Hero’s Skills, conducted Studies, equipped gear and activated Boosts that increase characteristics that have an impact on battles against Assailants.