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Imperial Fury

Imperial Fury

This Study gives a temporary bonus to the offense of your army when attacking enemy Towns. While the attack bonus is active, you cannot use Inaccessibility.

Imperial Fury is activated automatically when you send your troops to other Lords' Towns to perform an attack or espionage or to participate in a Raid. The duration of the bonus depends on the Study level.

When the bonus is active, you can view its duration:

  • In the Boosts icon that is displayed on the Town screen and on the Kingdom Map
  • In the Army tab of the Boosts window, under the Town Defense category

Imperial Fury is activated the moment your troop goes on a march or when you start gathering troops for a Raid.

If Imperial Fury expires before the troops reach the enemy Town, they will fight without this bonus. However, if you send another troop to perform an attack or espionage, the countdown of the bonus will start again. Take this into account when planning your attack.

Remember: if you conduct the Imperial Fury Study, you won't be able to prevent the bonus from activating.

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