Achievements are special marks of distinction. They give various bonuses, which increase when the achievement level is upgraded.

To obtain or upgrade an achievement, you need to fulfill certain requirements. When you do so, you will receive a message in your mail with information about the achievement and its permanent bonuses.

To open the Achievements window, go to the Menu and hit the corresponding icon or proceed to the Profile tab in the Palace, hit the "i" icon, and then the "All achievements" button.

You can view information about achievements that have been obtained in a separate box in your/another player's profile. If you have no achievements, you will see a text stub in this window in your profile. If another Lord whose profile you are viewing has no achievements, you will not see the achievements block in their profile at all.

Hitting the "All achievements" button will take you to the corresponding window. The List tab displays all available achievements. The achievements that you already have differ visually from those you have yet to earn. Recently earned or upgraded achievements are placed at the beginning of the list.

The Bonuses tab displays all active bonuses from achievements you have obtained.

When you hit an achievement, a window will appear that shows information about how to receive or upgrade it, as well as its bonuses. Please note: this information is not available for all achievements.

You can use any achievement that you have obtained as a title. To do so, select it and hit the "Use as title" button in the window that appears. It will now be displayed under your name in the Profile window and on the Kingdom map. If you want to cancel this action, hit "Don't use as title" in the same window.

Remember: using an achievement as your title doesn't affect how its bonuses work in any way. They are always active from the moment you receive the achievement.