Alpha Assailants

Alpha Assailants are the strongest and most dangerous opponents. They have more health than level VI Assailants.

In fights with Alpha Assailants, you can get special materials of ordinary Assailants and jewels that are indispensable for enhancing the Hero’s equipment.

Remember that doing battle with an Alpha Assailant will bring you more points in Tournaments than fighting against an ordinary Assailant.

To attack an Alpha Assailant, you need to:

  • Conduct the Unlock Assailants I Study.
  • Make sure that your Hero has enough Stamina for inflicting at least one hit and they are not busy on other marches.

The mechanics for attacking Assailants and Alpha Assailants are the same.

An Alpha Assailant's Camp appears on the Kingdom map after an Alpha Assailant has been destroyed. There you can yield one of the resource types and special Assailants’ materials.