Alpha Assailants

Alpha Assailants are a more dangerous type of Assailant. They have more health than level 6 Assailants. Attacks against Alpha Assailants are similar to those against Assailants.

By attacking Alpha Assailants, you can receive jewels, items, and various Assailants' materials for crafting unique equipment. Also, attacking Alpha Assailants brings more points during Tournaments than attacking regular Assailants.

Grand Alpha Assailants are the most menacing opponents on the Kingdom map. It will take a lot of effort to defeat them, but you'll get a substantial reward for doing so.

Grand Alpha Assailants have more health than regular Alpha Assailants. Apart from that, they are similar to regular Alpha Assailants.

Alpha Assailants and Grand Alpha Assailants are located around the Eternal Stronghold in the Dark Forest. To attack them, you need to learn the "Unlock Assailants I" Study.

After you destroy an Alpha Assailant or Great Alpha Assailant, an Alpha Assailant's Camp appears in its place, with a special symbol over it. This location will exist for a set period of time or until it runs out of resources. An Alpha Assailant's Camp contains more resources than an Assailant's Camp, but it doesn't contain Gold.