Hero's Skills

Your Hero’s Skills determine the effect your Hero has on the military characteristics of the troops they are leading and on the economic characteristics of your Town.

Your gameplay style, as well as your future strengths and weaknesses in the game, are mostly determined by how you choose to distribute your Hero's Skills.

Skills can be improved with Skill points that the Hero receives with each new level. The process occurs instantly without consuming any resources.

For upgrading the Manor to level 21, 26, and 31, you get a bonus: additional Skill points for your Hero. You can distribute them in the Main tab of the Hero's Skills section.

Improved Skills have colored icons, while unimproved ones have gray icons. You can redistribute your Hero's Skills using the Reset Skills item, if you want to change your playstyle. This can be purchased in the Item Store or bought and applied by clicking the "Reset Skills" button in the Skills window.