Townscapes change the appearance of your Town on the Kingdom map and give bonuses that increase various economic and military stats.

Each Townscape becomes available after completing a particular game action. To find out what action you need to perform, click the Townscape icon in the All Townscapes section of the Townscape tab in the Palace. For example, to unlock the Fort of Prowess, you need to train the required number of warriors. When the condition has been met, you will receive a system message that confirms that the Townscape has been unlocked.

Please note: you don't need to unlock the seasonal Townscapes that were purchased in the Seasonal Store using ducats or in the Avalon Store using Medals of the Druids. Once purchased, they will already be at level 1 and all their bonuses will affect your Town. Read more about them in the Seasons and Battle for Avalon sections.

In the All Townscapes section, the unlocked Town appearances are placed at the beginning of the list, followed by unavailable ones, and finally the standard Townscape. By selecting the latter, you will restore your Town's original appearance. When you relocate your Town to another Kingdom, any Townscape that you have selected will continue to have an effect.

Note that the Townscape expiration period is not limited, and each unlocked Town appearance provides you with bonuses, regardless of whether you have applied it or not. The more Townscapes you unlock, the more bonuses will become active. You can view the full list of bonuses in the "Townscape bonuses" section of the Townscape tab in the Palace.

Townscapes can be of usual, rare, or legendary type. Each Townscape can be upgraded to level 5, while Townscapes from the Seasonal Store and Avalon Store can be upgraded to level 6. The level of the Townscape affects its bonus value and the appearance of your Town on the Kingdom map. To upgrade, you need the Amber Shard item, which you can get for completing Quests, as a reward in Tournaments, in Hero's Coffers, or as part of Bank offers. To find out how many Amber Shards you have, enter the Resources subsection, then check out the My Items tab in the Item Store.

Important! Upgrading using Amber Shards may succeed or fail. The more items you spend, the better the chance you have of improving the Townscape.

Alter the number of Shards in order to view the likelihood of success, which is expressed as a percentage. To upgrade, you can use fewer Amber Shards than are required for a 100% chance of success. By doing this, you will save items, but at a great risk of losing the Shards you have spent if the upgrade fails.

It is now impossible to purchase older Townscapes (Black Castle, Eagle's Nest, Citadel of the Sun, Villein Abode, and Fortress) or receive them as a reward, but you can still use them if you have them.

Some of the older Townscapes can still be earned in Tournaments (Pride of the Empire in the Conquest of the Dominion, Tower of Triumph in the Orders War).

All these Townscapes will be in the My Items tab of the Bonuses section, and you can also find them in the Townscape category in the the Bonuses tab of the Boosts window.

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