Added at players' requests:

  • Level 5 buildings in the Order Citadel

Buildings in the Order Citadel, except for the Arsenal, can now be upgraded to level 5. You will gain access to 12 Studies in the Scholars' Hall and three bonuses in the Order Holdings – the Hero's Total Offense, Raid Troop Headcount, and Reduced Enemy Warrior Health.

  • Levels 5 and 6 of the Arena

You will fight new opponents: at level 5 you will face the Marquess's troops, and the Duke's troops at level 6.

At all levels of the Arena the scouts of foreign troops can attack the Citadel. Only your scouts can fight them.

At level 5 it takes two days for the function of the Arena to restore, and one day at level 6.

  • Levels 13–18 of Rebels' Towers

The higher a Tower's level, the more rebels and resources are in it.

  • 16 pieces of Inquisitors' equipment

Collect 4 new sets. Their main bonuses are: increasing the speed of conducting Studies, building construction, and warrior training, as well as raising your Raid troop headcount.

  • Inquisitors' equipment upgrades

Now you can upgrade Inquisitors' equipment in the Workshop. The Empirite item will increase your chance of a successful upgrade. You can read more about this in the "Upgrading equipment" subsection of the Craft section.

  • Updated Reputations for holding the Eternal Stronghold

We've increased the list of Reputations and changed some of them. Positive Reputations now have stages I and II. You can view the list of all Reputations and their bonuses in the Reputations tab at the Eternal Stronghold.

  • Changes to the bonuses provided by Kingdoms' Reputations and the Emperor of the Dominion title

You can find all Reputations and their bonuses in the Reputations tab at the Rampart of the Emperor location.

  • The ability to change Order language

Masters can now change the Order language in the Management tab in the Order window.

  • A shortcut to the Infirmary

We've changed the Training icon to the Healing icon in the lower panel. This will allow you to instantly get your troops back into fighting form. You can train your warriors in the Barracks as before.

  • Updated Gold Mines and Great Gold Mines

Only Gold Mines of levels 4, 5, and 6 are left in the game. In these Mines we've increased the amount of Gold, the speed of yielding, and the reward for collecting all the Gold from a location. And we've also reworked the reward for the yielding: if you take all the Gold, you can get an epic or legendary jewel.

Great Gold Mines of levels 5 or 6 will be available to the winners of the Kingdoms War. In these Mines we've also increased the amount of Gold, the speed of yielding, and the reward for collecting all the Gold from a location. If you take all the Gold, you can get a legendary jewel.


  • Three upgrade levels for legendary jewels

Some legendary jewels can now be upgraded to levels I, II, and III. To do so, you will need to fuse the main legendary jewel with various quantities of other jewels. Use a filter to find jewels with specific bonuses.

Read more about this in the "Fusing jewels" subsection of the Jewels section.

  • Three Adomi jewels

These are special jewels that each provide four military bonuses. They don't have any classes or levels, and you cannot receive them as a reward or find them as drops — you can only create them from different jewels, including upgraded legendary ones.

Read more about this in the "Fusing jewels" subsection of the Jewels section.

  • Increased bonuses from the Trade Relations subscription

The bonus to regular cart capacity has been increased to 400,000%, and the bonus to the capacity of carts sent to the Order Citadel has been raised to 300,000%. If you have an active subscription, the bonuses will update automatically.

  • A reward for logging into the game via Plarium Play for the first time

Players who launch Throne: Kingdom at War in the app for the first time will receive 2,000,000 Gold, the "Tower of Triumph for 5 days" Townscape, and three "1-Day Hero's Double" items.

If you haven't launched Plarium Play yet, give it a try. In the app, the game loads faster than in a browser, and the interface feels more responsive.

  • The removal of Trophies of Arms that were obtained unfairly

We'll be removing any Trophies of Arms that were obtained unfairly from players' accounts. If a Lord has already spent them, the balance of these items on the Lord's account will become negative. In order to use Trophies of Arms again, the Lord will need to restore a positive balance first.

We've made this decision in order to ensure an enjoyable gameplay experience for Lords who earn Trophies of Arms fairly.


  • The description of the Imperial Fury Study. It grants a permanent bonus to the offense of your troops when you send them to Towns to perform an attack, Raid, or espionage. The timer that is started when you send a march shows only the time during which you cannot use Inaccessibility. You can read more about this Study in the Imperial Fury subsection of the Studies section.
  • The displaying of Personal and Order Points in the "Help Order members" window.
  • The displaying of equipment descriptions in the Dominion Workshop.
  • The displaying of battle icons in the "Battles of Order members" window.
  • Problems related to the chance of upgrading a piece of equipment.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Throne: Kingdom at War to the latest version.