Conquest of the Dominion
Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria
End of the Tournament


Conquest of the Dominion is the era-defining Tournament where Lords from all Kingdoms must fight for the Rampart of the Emperor that is in the center of the Dominion island over the course of two days.

To take part in the Tournament, you need to be an Order member and have a Palace of level 21 or higher. In addition, your account must have been created more than 30 days ago.

Whoever manages to capture the Rampart of the Emperor and hold it longer than anyone else will be the winner. The times of all attempts to hold the Rampart are added together.

If, at the end of the Tournament, several Lords have held the location for the same amount of time, victory goes to the Lord who held it last.

You can get to the Dominion in the following ways:

1. Open the Events window and select "Conquest of the Dominion" from the Tournament list. Two items will be available in the Info tab: Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria. Once you have taken them, the "Go to" button will appear in the same window.

2. Open the Kingdom map and tap the Conquest of the Dominion Tournament icon.

3. Open the World Map and tap the Dominion icon.

4. Open the game Menu and tap the "Dominion" button.

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