Conquest of the Dominion
Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria
End of the Tournament

Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria

To relocate to the Dominion, use the Invasion of the Dominion item. To return to your home Kingdom, use Return to Amaria.

You can purchase these items in the Bonuses section of the Item Store, in the Order Store, as part of Bank offers, and also in the information window of the Wasteland and Forest of Ancients locations in the Dominion.

In addition, you can obtain the Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria items in the Info tab of the "Conquest of the Dominion" Tournament section.

To relocate your Town within the Dominion, use the Relocation and Runaway items. You can also relocate it to the Forest of Ancients, but remember that you cannot use Inaccessibility in this territory.

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