Conquest of the Dominion
Invasion of the Dominion and Return to Amaria
End of the Tournament

End of the Tournament

When the era-defining Tournament is over, your Town will be automatically returned to your home Kingdom.

If your troops are on marches, in garrisons, or in reinforcements, they are instantly returned to the Town.

The victorious Lord becomes Emperor and receives special rewards and privileges:

  • A piece of Emperor's equipment
  • 10B Food, Lumber, Iron, and Stone
  • 8B Silver
  • 8M Gold
  • 20 Chests of Gifts
  • A special Hero's Guise
  • A special Townscape, Pride of the Empire
  • The right to bestow Reputations upon Kingdoms (these remain active until the next Conquest of the Dominion Tournament)
  • The ability to get in touch with a Plarium representative directly

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