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Adventurers' Tavern

In the Adventurers' Tavern, you can find everything you need to know about your Adventurer, change the Adventurer's Guise, improve their stats, view statistics about them, and equip or unequip gear.

The Adventurers' Tavern also gives you military bonuses, depending on its level, which can be increased by achieving three stars when exploring all the buildings on any street in the Dominion Ruins. The bonuses from the Adventurers' Tavern are displayed in the Statistics tab of the Palace.

In the Adventurer tab, you can equip or unequip pieces of Adventurer's equipment, change the Adventurer's Guise, and see how many experience points the Adventurer has.

By changing the Guise, you can choose which Adventurer will explore the Ruins: Eriс, a young Cardinal of the Twilight Chamber, or Elizabeth, a Sea Witch. They differ not only in terms of their appearance, but also the values of their base stats.

In the Development tab, you can distribute the Adventurer's stat points or reset them by using the Reset Stats item. By upgrading certain stats, you increase your chances for victory in battle against Marauders. Each Adventurer has four stats:

  • Strength – increases the damage dealt by the Adventurer.
  • Agility – increases the Adventurer's dodge chance and decreases the enemy's dodge chance.
  • Intuition – increases the Adventurer's critical hit chance and decreases the enemy's critical hit chance.
  • Vitality – increases the Adventurer's health.

The Adventurer gains stat points with each new level. You need experience to upgrade the Adventurer's level. Your Adventurer can earn experience by exploring buildings in the Ruins.

Please remember that you cannot reset and redistribute the Adventurer's stat points while the Adventurer is in the Ruins.

The Bonuses section contains all the information about the active bonuses from the Adventurer's equipment and stats.

In the Statistics tab, you will be able to view the number of your victories and defeats, hits dealt, enemies defeated, and Coffers opened. Here you can also see how many streets, buildings, and halls you have explored.