Dominion Ruins
Adventurers' Tavern
Dominion Store
Dominion Workshop
Exploring the Ruins
Fighting Marauders


The Dominion is an ancient island that was once the majestic Empire's center. To explore it, go to the Expedition Center in your Town.

The Expedition Center will transport you to your Base Camp, which consists of three buildings: the Adventurers' Tavern, Dominion Store, Dominion Workshop, and the entrance to the Dominion Ruins.

  • The Adventurers' Tavern – here you will find everything you need to know about your Adventurer, including the Adventurer's statistics and available equipment.
  • The Dominion Store – here you can purchase various Dominion items and materials.
  • The Dominion Workshop – here you can craft equipment for your Adventurer.
  • The Dominion Ruins – these are the remains of an ancient city on the island. Here you can explore undestroyed buildings, fight Marauders and their Leaders, find Marauders' Coffers, and receive various trophies.